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 *The Rules Of The Corner*

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PostSubject: *The Rules Of The Corner*   *The Rules Of The Corner* EmptyWed Jun 18, 2008 7:21 pm

(There are really no rules because its 'The Corner' but follow these)

1. We are all grown people here and it's mainly a male majority site and we're pretty sure there are no homosexuals on this site so with that said…No Gay Shit. It Will be deleted as soon as we see it. That shit's pretty much disgusting.

2. No Spam of any kind. (You Know what Spam is)

3. Post threads in their correct forums. If not, they will be moved. But if you post something that belongs elsewhere but put something like “I posted it in that section but its not as active” or “that section is not as active” in the first post it won't get moved or deleted.

4. No Racism. There can be threads about race but if its starts to get out of hand with racial slurs and stuff it will be closed as soon as possible.
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*The Rules Of The Corner*
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