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 Trebeatz Explains Going From Barber To Beats On L.A.X.

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PostSubject: Trebeatz Explains Going From Barber To Beats On L.A.X.   Wed Aug 27, 2008 7:34 pm

Trebeatz Explains Going From Barber To Beats On L.A.X.

Compton rapper The Game debuted in 2005 working with the veteran likes of Timbaland, Havoc, Buckwild and Dr. Dre for producers. Since then, the rapper has largely helped breaking producers get recognized both through singles, such as Reefa on "It's Okay (One Blood)" or Knobody on the recent "Game's Pain."

On his just-released L.A.X., the rapper included a bonus disc on a deluxe edition of the album, with one producer who tells an unusual story of getting down with the self-proclaimed king of the west coast. On that bonus disc, TreBeatz produced "Spanglish" .

Born in Compton, TreBeatz was a living, working barber in his early twenties through recently. Cutting hair is what got him close to his neighborhood's superstar, and Black Wall Street welcomed the barber to their vast recording sessions over the last year in the half. Little did The Game and crew realize, the money from cuts was quietly going towards an MPC.

After months of hanging with The Game, a beat CD was left, resulting in an unexpected phone call. "I was shocked that The Game enjoyed my tracks due to his many collaborations with some of the most influential producers of today. After just two years of creating music, being signed to Black Wall Street and certified by The Game as one of the hottest upcoming producers in the industry right now is truly a blessing. To know that all my hard work is paying off and I am accomplishing my dreams, right now I can't ask for anything more."

Since signing as a producer to BWS, TreBeatz has produced a handful of unreleased tracks with The Game, and is working with Busta Rhymes, Clyde Carson and Tyga.
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Trebeatz Explains Going From Barber To Beats On L.A.X.
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