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 Storm May Force New Orleans Evacuation

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Storm May Force New Orleans Evacuation Empty
PostSubject: Storm May Force New Orleans Evacuation   Storm May Force New Orleans Evacuation EmptyWed Aug 27, 2008 7:36 pm

Storm May Force New Orleans Evacuation

NEW ORLEANS (Aug. 27) - On the eve of Hurricane Katrina's third anniversary, a nervous New Orleans watched Wednesday as another storm threatened to test everything the city has rebuilt, and officials made preliminary plans to evacuate people, pets and hospitals in an attempt to avoid a Katrina-style chaos.

Forecasters warned that Gustav could grow into a dangerous Category 3 hurricane in the next several days and hit somewhere along a swath of the Gulf Coast from the Florida Panhandle to Texas with New Orleans smack in the middle.

Taking no chances, city officials began preliminary planning to evacuate and lock down the city in hopes of avoiding the catastrophe that followed the 2005 storm. Mayor Ray Nagin left the Democratic National Convention in Denver to return home for the preparations.

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Storm May Force New Orleans Evacuation
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