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 Jun 18 - Young Buck Responds To 50 Cent Call

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PostSubject: Jun 18 - Young Buck Responds To 50 Cent Call   Thu Jun 19, 2008 9:06 am

A day after the tape of an emotional phone conversation between former G-Unit member Young Buck and 50 Cent hit the net -- in which the distraught Southern rapper repents for being out of line with 50 -- the Cashville emcee has responded with a track aimed at his ex Boss.

The song, entitled "The Taped Conversation," appropriately starts off with the rapper saying, "streets wanna know what Young Buck gonna do, how Young Buck gonna respond?"

He follows up those sentiments by comparing Fif to the police, saying that the phone call took place a year ago.

"b*tch n*ggas do b*tch things," he spit. "Look at 50 what he does just to get fame / Record my phone call, when I spoke from the heart / That was a year ago, this was a joke from the start / You a h*e / and I know the only people record conversations is 5-0 "

He continues his onslaught by addressing 50's relationships with the rest of G-Unit.

"Look at y'all on TV / Banks look uneasy / If he told you how he feels this is where he'd be / And they know Yayo is stuck in you're A-hole / Half of your staff only there for your pay roll / Hey Tip lay low you don't gotta respond / He had the magic stick I have the magic wand."

Buck then brings up 50's loss to Kanye West in album sales and how the South really feels about him and.

"Without me you're just a U-N-I-T / Without B you should just give it out free / Cause in the South we consider you weak / n*gga when I speak the streets get relief / They really find the truth out about this beef / A victim of defeat when your album was released / When Jay-Z made Kanye look like a beast / BET told Jim Jones it was peace / Just trying to get some NY love at least / But they lovin' me..."

As SOHH previously reported, last night hip-hop personality Miss Info released the first 2 parts of a phone conversation between Buck and Fif, allowing listeners to fully recap Buck's pleads and promises of loyalty to the head of G-Unit. The conversation opened with Buck trying to convince 50 that he shouldn't be compared to prior beefs he's had with former associates including Bang'em Smurf and The Game. Fif's website, Thisis50.com, is scheduled to play the entire 16 minute phone call tonight at 9 p.m.
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Jun 18 - Young Buck Responds To 50 Cent Call
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