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 poetry for the soul

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PostSubject: poetry for the soul   poetry for the soul EmptyWed Sep 02, 2009 12:11 pm

Ima Drop Some Poetry in here from now on, post up yours and ill give feed
I hate being used for my emotions to be a ladder
like i'm nothing but steps my thoughts and true feelings don't even matter
People want to test me on how angry i can get
or if i feel sorrow my tears come to bets
i don't know what pepole get out of it maybe a laugh
they probably think that all this anger will pass
but the more they press the higher it builds up
the pressure behind it threatens to blow up
the exploseive nature enough to break me
the feelings all let out in a never ending sea
Of malice that will set in never backing down
the red anger i my eyes seems to make me drown
in the dark sea of no return
the insanity taking over starting to burn
a permanent place in my mine
while reasonis left in a dark corner binded
this is what will happen if it continues
but you don't care cause i mean nothing to you.
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poetry for the soul
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