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 Freestyle Battle: I'm a spit get back at ya boy

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PostSubject: Freestyle Battle: I'm a spit get back at ya boy   Wed Sep 23, 2009 2:33 am

it's ya boy ghostdog killin niggaz with a lost cause
ya boy straight flippin niggaz like a tossed pawg
chain in my hand ready to take on any damn man
i'm like a boomerang and when the shit hit the fan
u was the man that ran like a refugee from iran
try it and you gonna get slammed on a trash can
i can get you touched no matter where you stay
no matter what you say your whole crew gay
and i dont play so i pull out my akays and spray
and blaze away from bombay to all the way to LA
i'm chillin on allraptalk.com like fukkin king kong
and i'm fuckin pussy makin that ding dong song
never wrong murderin niggaz before they can yawn son

shouts out to my niggga newsince .. yeeeh boy!

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Freestyle Battle: I'm a spit get back at ya boy
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